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Effortlessly sell your apartment with our Resale Service. From strategic pricing to effective marketing, we handle it all for a seamless and rewarding transaction. Trust us to maximize the value of your investment.
With offices located right next door to Ahad, we will ensure tenants will have a pleasant experience finding a home in your apartment. Our representatives will be ready to take care of walk-in clients as well as best advertise your property.
Make your investment headache free. From securing tenants, move in / move out reports, rent collection, timely reminders, renewal notices and much more. Property management is no longer a luxury it is a necessity if you want to ensure your ROIs are maximized and your interest is safeguarded. Don't worry about maintenance calls and visiting fees anymore. We’ve sourced annual maintenance contracts that can provide quarterly ac servicing, plumbing and electrical services.
Along with our long-term furniture partner, we have designed and curated a furniture package for Ahad residences, to make sure the spaces are optimized, and the aesthetics suit the contemporary finishes of the properties.

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